FAQs & Disclaimer

1. Why is my product separating?
Given that our products are made from the best natural and organic ingredients, separation is completely normal. Just be sure to store your products in a cool, dry place and shake well before each use for best results.

2. I'm pregnant, can I use Sylk Aesthetics?
We are proud to have your interest, but please consult with your doctor before beginning your journey with Sylk Aesthetics.

3. Can I cancel or change my order?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for cancelations and all sales are final.

4. Can I exchange or return my order?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer exchanges or returns due to all sales being final. If there is a physical issue with your product, please contact us at sylkaesthetics@gmail.com so we can do our best to find a solution.

5. Are SA products organic?
Yes! We are organic, natural and vegan! We use USDA certified ingredients in every product. 

6. I refused delivery, do I get a refund?
Unfortunately, refusing delivery does not earn you a refund.

7. Can I use Femme Fresh or other products inside my vagina?
Our products are created for external use only. Please consult with your OBGYN before using Sylk Aesthetics. If you have used our products internally, please consult with your doctor.
8. My items arrived damaged,
what should I do?
Please contact us at sylkaesthetics@gmail.com
9. I'm breaking out,
what can I do?
Purging is completely normal! It takes time for your skin to adapt to a new product, so don't be alarmed. If you experience burning, itching, or worsening of skin condition, please stop use of Sylk Aesthetics immediately and consult with a dermatologist.

10. How long will it take for my package to arrive?
Due to the pandemic and importing complications, please allow 7-10 days for order processing. If you do not receive a tracking number within 14 days, please contact us at sylkaesthetics@gmail.com. If you received tracking, but your package status is not updated, please allow a couple days for system processing of your order.

11. I put the wrong address for my order,
what can I do?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for wrong addresses. Please double check your information before confirming your order, or create an account with us so your information is safely saved and protected.

12. I received the wrong items,
what should I do?
Please contact us at sylkaesthetics@gmail.com
13. I'm not seeing results, what can I do?
It takes time for your skin to adapt to new products. Skincare is a game of hit or miss, some products might work for us or they may show no changes. With that said, we appreciate your support and we offer other products we would love for you to try!

14. How can I stay updated
with Sylk Aesthetics?
You can find us on instagram @SylkAesthetics where we educate our followers about skincare and our products, and you can subscribe to our emailing list so we can update you on new products, sales, and more!
FDA Disclaimer: The information, advice, statements, and testimonials made about Sylk Aesthetics and their products mentioned on this website have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The information on this site and the products listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease, nor are they intended to replace proper medical help. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any regimen with essential oils. User-submitted testimonials are based on individual results and do not constitute a guarantee that you will achieve the same results - what works for one may not work for another. 
Disclaimer: Product posting portrayal is for educational purposes only, not intended to supplant A doctors proposal. Our products are not endorsed by the FDA. Our items are not made to fix any kind of maladies so please counsel your specialist and confirm that it won't meddle with any ailments, pregnancy, nursing, or any condition. In the event that any irritation occurs, please cease utilization of the items. Sylk Aesthetics LLC isn't held at risk for any item abuse. Although our products are handcrafted with natural ingredients, our products are not hypoallergenic.

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